Partner Programs


G3X is the Parent Company of Steelhead Lacrosse Club. G3X Lacrosse runs camps, clinics, leagues, and tournaments.

The name G3X was developed from the passion of the athletes who participate within our partner programs.

  • The first G stands for growth. A desire to grow and improve is intrinsic to our brand and what we teach our athletes. 

  • The second G stands for grit. We look to display and infuse it into our athletes and customers as a defining part of winning in life.

  • The third G stands for gratitude. We remind ourselves, and teach our athletes to be thankful for all that we have. We believe that gratitude is a key foundation of a healthy and positive attitude. 

  • The X stands for excellence and the "X" factor we want ourselves and our athletes displaying in everything we do. 

National Partner Programs

Team Illinois Lacrosse Club


Steelhead Lacrosse Club is a proud partner of Team Illinois. Team Illinois is a non-profit lacrosse club designed to give high-level lacrosse players in Illinois national exposure by competing in competitive tournaments.


We encourage all of our players to tryout for Team Illinois!

Shamrocks Box LAX.png

Shamrocks Box Lacrosse

Steelhead Lacrosse Club is a proud partner of Shamrocks Box Lacrosse. Shamrocks is an elite box program in the state of Illinois.


We encourage our players to play box lacrosse during the winter month's. Box lacrosse helps the athletes with; their decision making and lacrosse IQ, playing with pressure, stick work in small spaces, off-ball play, and helps them get into shape. 


Sweet Home Goalie Academy

Sweet Home Goalie Academy is a lacrosse organization designed by goalies, for goalies. 


All Steelhead Lacrosse Club goalies will have special access to Sweet Home Goalie Academy coaches, and training. 

Community Affiliate Programs

Steelhead Lacrosse Club invests time and resources into our community club programs to ensure that every player in Illinois has a chance to represent their community on the lacrosse field. 

If you are interested in finding out how Steelhead Lacrosse Club can help your program, please reach out to Michael Cervantes at



Steelhead Lacrosse Club is proudly partnered with Vernon Hils Sports Club Lacrosse program



Steelhead Lacrosse Club is proudly partnered with Jr. Sequoits Lacrosse program